Running Time:60mins. * 1

 ☆ Ambush!An Instrumental Musical by Chai Found Music Workshop
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 This DVD shows an entire performance of Ambush! at the Metropolitan Hall in Taipei/Taiwan on March 11, 2006.

The Story behind Ambush!
 After the fall of the corrupt Qin Dynasty in 206 BC, an immensely cruel 5-year war broke out between several kings, rebels, and warlords. Soon there were only two rivals left: the Chu under their leader Xiang Yu, and the Han under Liu Bang. Both sides had the same goal: to unify and rule China. Xiang Yu, who had little sense for political tactics, was a nobleman and ingenious general. He was feared for his impetuous character and infamous for his kindness towards women, particularly his concubine and female companion Yu Ji. After he had been lucky on the battlefield in the beginning, his fortune turned, and finally, the rogueries of his enemy broke his back. Liu Bang, who came from a peasant family, was inferior as a soldier, but by far better in taking advice and in finding the right allies. After his total victory, he founded the Han Dynasty and became its first emperor. To lighten Xiang Yu's burden, Yu Ji killed herself in a sword dance she performed for her lover. Although he still had a chance to flee, Xiang Yu, the fallen hero, held himself liable and committed suicide.
Ambush! brings forth the underlying emotions of the events: betrayal, deception, cruelty. It stresses the affectionate love between the concubine Yu Ji and the warlord Xiang Yu. Chinese Opera, literature and movies (Farewell My Concubine, House of Flying Daggers) have all drawn from those sources.

2.Yu Ji:Cherishing Spring
3.Xiang Yu:Impulsive
4.Xiang Yu & Yu Ji:Deeply Attached
5.Liu Bang:Cunning
6.Soldiers:Four Dreams
7.Xiang Yu's Anger:Fire & Thunder
8.The Banquet at Red Gate:Conspiracy
9.The Battle Field:Ambush from Ten Sides
10.Destiny:Wu River Elegy