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 ☆ Formosa Homicide Chronicle Ⅲ–The Sweet Taste of F
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 In 1991, a gruesome double murder was committed in Hsihchih in Taipei. Wang Wen-hsiao, a soldier whose fingerprint was found at the crime scene, was tried, convicted, and executed the following year.

 Prosecutors apprehended three additional young men and were suspected of torturing the suspects to extract confessions. The three’s death sentences have been appealed repeatedly over the years. Today, they are still waiting for a final outcome. This case of the century has proved to be difficult work even for forensic expert Dr. Henry Lee.

 Eighteen years of trial have hounded the three men and the victims’ son. They all yearn to unearth the truth and uphold justice. The truth, however, is elusive due to the passage of time and Taiwan’s flawed judicial system. The four young souls held captive in different forms can only continue to spend their lives trying to pursue that taste of freedom that no one else can truly appreciate.