Running Time:60mins.

 Our Price NT 3,900


 In 2008, China hosted the Beijing Olympics. Taiwan held a presidential election. The sensitive issue of national identity conflict between the two sides of the strait was again instigated. Taiwanese documentary filmmaker Chang Chuan has lived in China for the last eight years, using film art to connect the Taiwanese at home, in Beijing, and in New York. What Taiwanese show as fervent love for the land is often interpreted by China as an act of terrorism. This is the story of TaiWAN and CHIna. This is The Chai-Wan Matchup.

 At the center is a young Taiwanese generation without ties to its ancestral roots. They form a Taiwan cheer team with one cause – to love Taiwan. They travel the world to cheer on athletes competing abroad. The athletes’ success are accompanied by this loud group of yellow shirt wearers who eventually become an integral part of the game.

 This movement became contradictory and controversial during Taiwan’s 2008 presidential election, bringing them troubles leading up to the Beijing Olympics.