Running Time:60mins.

 ☆ The Lead Type Founder
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 The story of “The Lead Type Founder” tells from the last one Type Foundry- Ri Xing and the craftsman Chang Chieh-kuan in Taiwan.

 Ri Xing was established in 1969; now still preserves three kinds of the original form of the simplified Chinese character letters. The copper molds which used to make letters are disfigured as forty years passed by, so CCK raise “Letterpress Rehabilitation Project” to renew the copper molds and digitize lead typefaces. Many volunteers come from Taiwan, France and Japan all join CCK’s project; they wish to preserve the fading culture heritage for next generation.

 Through this documentary, we also can see some old craftsmen and type designers in China and Tokyo, to see how they turn this culture industry to a modern art. Also learn to appreciate the unique principles of creating the original form of the simplified Chinese characters and the esthetics of this fading craft.