Running Time:60mins.

 ☆ Taipei 24H
 Our Price NT 3,900


 Eight stories from different filmmakers chronicle 24 hours in Taipei.
TAIPEI 24H records eight young and promising directors’ fantasies about what could happen in an ordinary day in Taipei.

 Comprises of eight portions of 24 hours, the film opens with CHENG Feng-feng’s upbeat and humorous SHARE THE MORNING, and sees LI Kang-sheng running the final episode of this compilation work with REMEMBRANCE in which TSAI Ming-liang gives a rare screen appearance as he visits a coffee shop, at 4am, on the eve of its closure. In between, MIAO MIAO’s CHENG Hsiao-tse savours a puppy-love story, as DJ CHEN’s DREAM WALKER takes a magical ride on the tube.