Running Time:60mins.

 ☆ Woman of the Southern Wind
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 Woman of the Southern Wind tells the story of Mei-o Chen, founder and artistic director of the Han Tang Yuefu Ensemble, and her lifelong crusade to revive the dying art of Nanguan music. An Introduction to Woman of the Southern Wind“I had never heard anything so elegant. It was totally different from other Chinese music.” This is how acclaimed Taiwanese performing artist Mei-o Chen describes her introduction to the ancient music known as Nanguan. Woman of the Southern Wind examines Chen’s quest to breathe new life into this endangered art form as the founder-director of Taiwan’s internationally renowned Han Tang Yeufu Ensemble. Woman of the Southern Wind showcases the exquisite artistry of this extraordinary troupe while following Chen on her inspiring journey, first in Taiwan and then in China, to restore the lost glory of her beloved Nanguan.