Running Time:600mins.

 ☆ The Return of Spectacularly Unique Styles: Wei Hai-ming Perform Great Beauties of 4 Schools
 Our Price NT 12,000


 At the end of 2008, Wei Hai-ming, the most outstanding actress of Chinese Opera in Taiwan, took on the leading roles in four remarkable plays in a four-day span: Regrets of Life and Death of the Mei School, The Lucky Purse of the Cheng School, The Killing of Yen Xi-jiao of the Xun School, and The Scholar’s Match-making of the Zhang School. Wei played four roles of classical female beauties all with distinct personalities. With her skills honed from her decades-long stage experience, Wei Hai-ming goes beyond the limitations of schools and has created a unique position for herself in the Chinese Opera from both sides of the strait.

 This series presents the talents of the Guoguang Opera Company, the major Chinese Opera group in Taiwan, with Mei Bao-jiu, son of Master Mei Lan-fang, as artistic director. Such renowned Chinese actors as Gao Tong (who specializes in old male roles), Ye Jin-yuan (who specializes in male roles skilled at fighting), Fan Yung-liang (who specializes in old male roles) also star in the performance. Xu Jing-qi, an outstanding musician specializing in string instruments, leads the string ensemble as well as the percussion ensemble of “Mei Lan-fang Chinese Opera Group of Beijing Chinese Opera Theater” in musical accompaniment the performance throughout and conducts original music for these opera classics. Together, they have created a wonderful feast of classical drama for Taiwan’s theater!