Running Time:
60mins. * 8eps

 ☆ Taiwan – A People’s History
 Our Price NT 13,000

 A quick way to learn about Taiwan, a starting point to understand Asia.

 It took five years to produce this documentary. It is an exceptional series produced by a team of historians, documentary workers, advertising agents and film producers. It is the first “historical reconstruction film series” in Taiwan’s history.

 The story begins with the formation of Taiwan through the collision of two plates and orogenesis. The island was there for more than tens of millions of years. The history of Taiwan has now come to its democratic development starting from year 2000.

 Through computer graphics techniques and the techniques used to reconstruct history, the long history of Taiwan is presented. Many important historical events were reconstructed. This is a must-see documentary to learn more about Taiwan.

Episode 1:The Dawn of the Island Episode 2:Formosa Episode 3:At the Empire’s Frontier 
Episode 4:Challenges from Overseas Episode 5:Japanese Colonization 
Episode 6:Era of Awakening Episode 7:Tragedy Continued Episode 8:Sail to Democracy