Subtitle:Traditional Chinese/
Simple Chinese/English/
Running Time:30mins.

 ☆ City of Cathay
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 Now part of the collection in Taipei’s National Palace Museum and renowned as the world’s most famous Chinese painting, this 300 year-old work of brilliant artistry was commissioned by Emperor Huizong and once part of the collection of Chinese emperors.

 Stretching nearly 12 meters long, the scroll depicts the daily lives of 4,000 people in astonishing detail and has captured the interests of people worldwide.

 In filming this piece, the director used a close-focus lens to show the details of the scroll, unseen to the naked eye by most museum viewers. To help tell the story as it was interpreted back then, the documentary was filmed based on the Chinese traditional style of scroll reading from right to left, piece by piece - slowly revealing the remarkable story hidden in this work of art. In addition, historical reenactments allow viewers to feel and experience the lifestyle and attitudes of the ordinary folk back then. Along with the director’s interpretation, the audience can experience the emperor’s vision and hope for a no longer existent utopian society.

 This documentary explores the marvels of this exquisite artwork in a joint production between Taiwan’s PTS and ARTE of France.